Chapter 11: Organizational Structure, Systems, and Processes

Amazon’s Network Structure


Amazon was once had a virtual structure, but after going public in 2007, they progressed to a network structure. Amazon has so many diverse parts of its business. Their business is just not selling retail goods, Amazon has is now a major tech player. They also offer web services and fulfillment service throughout the world. They even offer same day grocery delivery in select cities. Amazon is also a global player, even though its success have not be rapid as the U.S. The network structure fits Amazon best and is a great example of how one works.


Amazon’s Network Structure



Chapter 10: Studying Mergers and Acquisitions

Amazon Acquires Zappos

Amazon is has had many acquisitions over the years. In 2010 Amazon acquired Zappos, one of the largest footwear and apparel ecommerce stores in the U.S. It was the largest in Amazon history at the time. Zappos was acquired for somewhere near $1 billon. In 2009, Zappos had $1.2 billion in sales. This is a key example of Amazon buying up the competition to strengthen its brand. Zappos had extensive brand loyalty due to Zappos’s distinguished customer service focus. Amazon decided to keep Zappos separate from due to this. It should be noted that Amazon also would have many benefits and imporvements that most customers would not recognize in its supply chain.


Amazon and Zappos, six months later: how they’re fitting together

Amazon Buys Zappos; The Price is $928m., not $847m.


Chapter 9: Understanding Alliances and Cooperative Strategies


After a tragic 1999 holiday season, Toys R Us and Amazon created a strategic alliance. The alliance would combine the strengths of two dominant Internet retailers with a cobranded Internet store just in time for the 2000 holiday season and was to last for 10 years. Toys R Us would be in charge of buying and managing inventory, while Amazon handles everything from warehousing, customer service, web development, and fulfillment. This strategic alliance would hopefully help both firms break into the global market as well. John Elyer, the CEO of Toy R Us at the time said that, “ is widely regarded as the gold standard in online retailing, and we are thrilled to deliver to our customers the enormous benefits we know this alliance will bring. The strength of the Toys “R” Us brand and our merchandising expertise combined with Amazon’s unbeatable Internet savvy will create an online presence second to none.”

This alliance did not reach the decade long term that was originally agreed upon by the two firms. By April 2003 the two companies had started a legal battle. After a long battle, the alliance was terminated by a New York judge due to a breach of contract by Amazon.

Sources: and Announce Strategic Alliance
How Amazon’s Dream Alliance With Toys ‘R’ Us Went So Sour

Chapter 8: Looking at International Strategies



Amazon’s International Strategies

If Amazon can successfully expand into international markets the sky is the limit. Amazon domestic and international growth were neck and neck at 38% in 2011, but since then their growth has slowed substantially in international markets. The top international markets for Amazon are Germany, United Kingdom, and Japan. In 2013, Amazon still saw growth in Germany and the United Kingdom, but had a 2% reduction in Japan. If Amazon stated that Japan decrease was due to the language barrier and digital content. If Amazon wants to be a big time global player, they will need to invest infrastructure to make Amazon user friendly and better than competitors. International completion is fierce. Rakuten is a thriving marketplace that dominates Asian markets. Rakuten continues to make acquisitions to position themselves in a favorable spot. They even bought their way into the US market by purchasing Once Amazon reaches it threshold in the US, they can only look to foreign markets for growth. You can bet that they will continue to push with a global strategy, but they are learning that it will not be as easy as the US.


Amazon Faces Serious International Competition, From Japan
Amazon’s international growth slows

Chapter 7: Developing Corporate Strategy

Amazon’s Diversification

With Amazon being the massive giant that it is, it is no surprise that they are branching out to different industries. The degree of diversification is much larger than what we have seen from its competitor ebay. Here are a few of Amazon’s biggest diversification moves that we will likely being see more of:

Amazon Prime Air – Drone service. More than likely a marketing ploy, but it got us all talking.

Amazon Fresh – Fresh produce

Amazon Prime Pantry – Grocery items. I got my first box a week ago. – If they can’t beat you they will buy you. – Got bought.

Amazon Fire Phone – The latest and boldest diversification mover. The device has some really cool features, but they only seemed to be concerned with people signing up for Prime.

Amazon FBA – Fulfillment service for Amazon retailers and multichannel commerce.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud services and data warehousing

Amazonmechanical turk – take advantage of Amazon sweat shop and slave labor. Just kidding its an outsource workforce program that most people have never heard of.

Amazon Local – Think Groupon, but for Amazon.

And many more – Scroll to the bottom of to see more specialty sites.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 1.30.34 AM

Chapter 6: Crafting Business Strategy for Dynamic Contexts


Amazon & Industry Evolution

Amazon’s strategies have competitors seeking for solutions to keep from losing market share to Amazon. When Amazon gains a Prime member it is very likely that member will remain loyal to Amazon for all products that are available on Amazon. The retail ecommerce industry is evolving mostly because they do not have a choice.

A good example of this is ShopRunner. ShopRunner is a free two day shipping membership program that thousands of retailers are participate in. Many of them are huge national retailers. The ShopRunner program even offers Amazon Prime members a free year subscription. Free shipping is now expected, but as time progress we can all expect to receive faster free shipping. While we all like to believe we are getting something for free the truth is that it is now just included in the price. Retailers will continue to evolve, but it may be to late to catch up to Amazon if they play their cards right.

Chapter 5: Creating Business Strategies

amazon-prime Prime Strategy

Amazon is banking on its Prime membership program to fuel growth. Amazon’s Prime membership program was the first of its kind. With an Amazon Prime membership, which cost $99, members can enjoy incentives such as:

  • Free two day shipping on Amazon Prime products
  • Free music streaming services
  • Free TV and movie streaming service
  • Free e-book service

They truly differentiated themselves from their competitors. In the United States, there are very few competitors that pose a serious threat to Amazon. Amazon’s biggest threat happens to be Amazon. They are continuing to make large wagers to that leave many analyst thinking how big is too big. Amazon is growing economies of scales its crucial for its success and the future can only tell. Amazon has been criticized for its music streaming service not have the depth of Spotify and Rhapsody, and its TV/Movie streaming service not having the depth of Netflix. However, Amazon just added HBO streaming to its service. Amazon clearly has a content strategy that we will certainly being seeing more of.