Chapter 6: Crafting Business Strategy for Dynamic Contexts


Amazon & Industry Evolution

Amazon’s strategies have competitors seeking for solutions to keep from losing market share to Amazon. When Amazon gains a Prime member it is very likely that member will remain loyal to Amazon for all products that are available on Amazon. The retail ecommerce industry is evolving mostly because they do not have a choice.

A good example of this is ShopRunner. ShopRunner is a free two day shipping membership program that thousands of retailers are participate in. Many of them are huge national retailers. The ShopRunner program even offers Amazon Prime members a free year subscription. Free shipping is now expected, but as time progress we can all expect to receive faster free shipping. While we all like to believe we are getting something for free the truth is that it is now just included in the price. Retailers will continue to evolve, but it may be to late to catch up to Amazon if they play their cards right.


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