Chapter 7: Developing Corporate Strategy

Amazon’s Diversification

With Amazon being the massive giant that it is, it is no surprise that they are branching out to different industries. The degree of diversification is much larger than what we have seen from its competitor ebay. Here are a few of Amazon’s biggest diversification moves that we will likely being see more of:

Amazon Prime Air – Drone service. More than likely a marketing ploy, but it got us all talking.

Amazon Fresh – Fresh produce

Amazon Prime Pantry – Grocery items. I got my first box a week ago. – If they can’t beat you they will buy you. – Got bought.

Amazon Fire Phone – The latest and boldest diversification mover. The device has some really cool features, but they only seemed to be concerned with people signing up for Prime.

Amazon FBA – Fulfillment service for Amazon retailers and multichannel commerce.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud services and data warehousing

Amazonmechanical turk – take advantage of Amazon sweat shop and slave labor. Just kidding its an outsource workforce program that most people have never heard of.

Amazon Local – Think Groupon, but for Amazon.

And many more – Scroll to the bottom of to see more specialty sites.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 1.30.34 AM


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